“Measurement and Control Instrumentation since 1975”

Robert Hill

Bob began his career in the instrumentation industry in 1988 as a regional Manager for Hersey Measurement Company, a manufacturer of positive displacement, turbine, target flowmeters, and tank level measurement systems. He was made National Sales Manager in 1990 and was responsible for all sales in marketing activities in the business until leaving in 1998 to form his own sales agency. Although his primary responsibility was sales, his key contributions to the business were in new product development, managing development of a highly successful range of magnetic flowmeters and negotiating the acquisition of a vortex meter product line.

After leaving Venture Measurement (formerly Hersey) in 1998, Bob founded Macnaught USA, an importer of flowmeters and lubrication equipment manufactured in Sydney, Australia. In 2000, this business was acquired by Macnaught and Bob was eventually moved to the Sydney headquarters in 2009. He served in a number of roles within Macnaught including Business Development Director, Sales Director, and eventually CEO. Bob returned to the USA in December 2016, when he joined Quinn Associates.

Throughout his career, Bob has been focused on understanding customer needs and finding innovative solutions. This has been the key to all of his successes, whether in sales or product development. His combination of business acumen, technical knowledge, and industry experience allow him to find innovative solutions to difficult applications, considering not just the problem at hand, but how it impacts the customers’ overall business.